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The Main Street Beat - July 2017

Welcome to Main Street! This newsletter is designed to keep Linden up to date on progress in the newly designated Linden Main Street District. If you haven’t already heard about the Main Street program, here are the basics: Main Street is a downtown revitalization program that uses historic preservation as an economic development tool. It is a national program run through the National Main Street Center and is managed at the state level by state coordinating programs—in our case, the Texas Main Street Program. Cities must complete a rigorous application process to be considered for the program and in January 2017, Linden was one of two cities chosen to join the Main Street network. Being a part of the program means that Linden will have access to some very valuable resources from the state program, like free architectural renderings/design assistance, expertise on working with historic building materials, small business marketing advice, free professional development training for staff, access to an email listserv with 88 other Main Street managers to discuss ideas and ask questions, access to a robust online resource library with articles and videos from experts about various aspects of a Main Street program, and much more. Texas has been a part of the Main Street program since 1981 and has seen tremendous growth in the economies of towns and cities of all sizes across the state in that time. The number one determinant in how successful a program will be, however, is the level of community engagement. In Linden, we have that in spades. Our town is not shy about showing up and pitching in to help our community grow, and because of that, the outlook for our downtown is bright! Linden Main Street has one staff member, the Main Street manager, and a nine-member advisory board that sets program policy and keeps progress on track. The place where the rubber meets the road, though, is in our committees. The committees tackle different aspects of the revitalization process and carry out the annual work plan, working with property owners, downtown businesses, other volunteer groups and the community to complete projects and keep progress moving forward downtown. The Advisory Board is appointed by City Council at the end of the year, but anyone is welcome to join a committee at any point during the year. So, that is Linden Main Street in a nutshell! We are so glad to have you in the district and hope you will enjoy being a part of the progress we are making in Linden!


Main Street committees are open for anyone to join! Our current committees are:

¨ Communications

¨ Design

¨ Economic Vitality

¨ Events

Committees usually meet once or twice per month and are in charge of various projects aimed at revitalizing downtown Linden. Call or email Allie Anderson, Main Street Manager, for information about joining a committee!

High Notes

As a result of a strategic planning session held during the June 22 board meeting, two overall Transformation Strategies were chosen for our program: becoming an arts & entertainment district and a destination for empty-nesters/retirees. These strategies were developed based on community input and market analysis, and will be used to develop our Plan of Work, which is set to be formally adopted at the July 20, 2017 board meeting. We are looking forward to seeing continued progress in Downtown Linden and hope that you will be a part of it! More information on our Plan of Work and overall strategy can be found at Linden Main Street’s new website, www.lindenmainstreet.org.


Did you know… Linden Main Street has a new façade grant program? We will be awarding $10,000 this year in matching funds to help renovate downtown storefronts, made possible by the Linden Economic Development Corporations! Contact the Main Street office for more information about how to apply!

Upcoming Events

July 1 Linden United’s Fourth of July Picnic & Movies in the Park: Moana

July 4 Independence Day

July 20 Linden Main Street Advisory Board Meeting

July 21 Linden Heritage Foundation Street Dance

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