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Mission: Preserving Linden's heritage while making history.


Vision: Linden Main Street supports a unified and unique downtown community that preserves history, encourages the arts, promotes business, and cultivates a dynamic future.

Core Values:


Transparency - We will maintain transparency about our mission, goals, activities, and expenditures to build trust with the community that we serve.


Purpose - Our actions will always be guided by our mission, vision, and core values, and we will act with our organization's purpose in this community in mind.


Inclusivity - We will use our program as a tool to unite our community and will prioritize the inclusion of diverse perspectives in our work.


Growth - We will remember to focus our efforts on the growth of Linden's downtown economy and community pride.


Positivity - We will be sure that, above all else, we remain a force for positive change in our community and that we retain our reputation for optimism and enthusiasm for our work.

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